Jagermong - Live

Potentially Offensive Material

Commission to make an eye catching case that was outside of the norm and wouldn't cost the earth. 

Using line art supplied by serial artist Samhane I produced a hexagon case for Cds that folding from one duplex printed sheet of A4.  The design is also scalable to fit other media i.e. LPs and the design rights are registered. 

The release had two separate limited print runs of 20 and 40 hand numbered copies respectively. For the second run colours and little details were changed to make it unique to the first.
JAGERMONG_Live_Exterior front
JAGERMONG_Live_Exterior reverse _version .1
JAGERMONG_Live_Exterior reverse _version .2
JAGERMONG_Live_Case opening
JAGERMONG_Live_Case fully open
JAGERMONG_Live_Free sticker
JAGERMONG_Live_All components of design

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