Glowingpixie is an energetic and creative force commanding a broad mix of digital, music, workshop and arts skills and a passion for all subject areas. Since graduating in 2004 Glowingpixie has engaged in a variety of freelance opportunities and has considerable experience in delivering stylistically diverse private and commercial projects ranging from print design to film and in assisting individuals to achieve their creative goals. Recognized amongst peers for interpersonal skills, passion, 'can do' attitude and ability to deliver innovative solutions. Glowingpixie has always sought unique creative challenges to allow further development and expansion in skills and experience. 
Whilst studying for postgraduate diploma in Multimedia Glowingpixie began to cultivate an interest in Arts and Health intersections and pursues these at present, listening to the world and using whatever media suits the current subject. 

There are no boundaries only horizons.
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