AIKIDO - 9 Basics
Here are the flowing movements of the 9 basic techniques of Aikido captured through light painting.

I have been studying the 'Art of Peace' since 2009 and can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful, exhilarating and challenging subjects I have ever pursued. It has had a profound effect on my personal and spiritual development and I am the better man for it. The depth of this Art is truly boundless and here I have begun to approach a long held dream of mine to represent the movements and the way the Art speaks to me.

Although limited to 2 dimensions the medium of light painting has allowed me to somewhat capture how I perceive Aikido in motion and all thanks go to Nidan Paul Bassinder Sensei  for allowing me to capture the beauty of his movement. 

Thanks are also due to Nidan Richard Lilliman Sensei and 1st Kyu John Dimmock for their contribution to the development of this work.

All images are available to purchase in a variety of formats through my shop.
Aikido_9 Basics Print
Ikkyo, Omote
Nikyo, Omote
Sankyo, Omote
Yonkyo, Omote
Kotegaeshi, Omote
Shihonage, Omote
Shihonage, Ura
Iriminage, Omote
Tenchinage, Omote
Kaitenage, Omote

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