SYRINX - Audio
2010 - 2011
From Northampton (UK), SYRINX are a band producing Drone and Harsh Ambient sounds. . . sometimes described as Dark Ambient, but including elements of Post Rock, Folk and Noise.

SYRINX was set up five years ago but had a jumpy start due to founding member Ed not being able to find Droneists... became a acoustic, riff filled folk music with basic drones when Ant joined in 2008. Ant moved away and Ed found one of his fave artists Ghoul Detail lived a few miles away and made contact. Glowingpixie moved from Swansea to Northampton and the line up was complete. All members have other projects so this band is considered a collective of creative minds.

SYRINX is pure exploration in communication between musicians. All performances are improvised, unplanned and recorded live with very minimal post production with the majority of output breaching the 30 min mark. Releases by SYRINX and related artists are available to download for free :  HERE

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