Glowingpixie Audio
Having played in various bands (also featured in my portfolio) for many years, I had become disillusioned with conventional song formats and started to take a more constructionist approach to my work. 
I find the sounds of everyday life fascinating and long having an affection for field recording and sample manipulation started to create using found sound / environmental performance.

A 30 min dark ambient work comprising of field recordings built on a base track provided by Proxenus.

Please use headphones for best results
13 + 1 = 0

Live environmental performance field recording using bottles and a bottle bank. Post processing to finish off.
Disparate Materia

Live environmental performance field recording detailing the difference in pitch between different parking signposts throughout one street

Track made from manipulated samples from circuit bent instruments
Winter Winds

Layered field recordings of walking through snow and wind through pipes with post processing

Christmas track comprising of field recordings taken in various shops during the festive season.

Layered field recording of supermarket sounds.

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