Sound and image from a multitude of media combine alongside an original soundtrack to present an archetypal ideology and dualistic synthesis spoken through sample culture.

Please use headphones / decent speakers

Presented here in its linear format, AVETAR (meaning good luck to the sailors) was designed as an Interactive Installation diptych for two DVD players and projectors to promote human Interaction through linear and non-linear experience.

In operation each half of AVETAR was split into several chapters which were under the control of two viewers via remote. By navigating the chapters together the viewers were essentially travelling a web of interactions, forming new meanings and creating an evolving a third film as segments of the film were juxtaposed with each other ( see diagram below )

Working collaboratively viewers could piece together the original linear content of the film as if it were a puzzle.
This navigation design in itself served to highlight the different approaches to meaning that each participant had, with some gravitating towards finding the artists 'truth' (linear film) and some simply embracing the sea of connections and ideas presented by free navigation.

Avetar makes extensive use of sampled material to directly reflect the media environment of the 21st century and as comment on Copyright issues. The media that bombards us everyday invades our thought patterns and dreams. Snippets of film and advert form our own individual symbols with which we navigate our unconscious.

As artists our environment is both our inspiration and our canvas, it therefore follows that all media is fair game for synthesis and recombination.
It has been heartening to see in recent years this predicted trend borne out by the ever growing appearanceĀ of 'mash-up' style video and recombination of older media assets into new forms both within the Arts and in the realms of advertising.

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