(2005 - 2007)
UNPAIDWHORES was a collaboration between GHASTS Kzz ( Kvnt )and Glowingpixie working under the pseudonym DV.

Kzz provided programmed drums, something he had not attempted before and DV dealt with the outcome. The result was the 30min tour de force 'Theme for Unpaidwhores'.

Following on from this was 'Work In Progress' a much darker and considered affair but still with considerable teeth.

The project currently remains on haiatus.

UnpaidWhores Are - Dv    - Samples : Percussion : Bass : TechStuff, Kvnt - Drums : Samples : Sorethroat
Cover Art : 'SelfHarmSucker' by ClareHislop (moonlit_pumpkins@hotmail.com)
Layout by Kvnt & Glowingpixie
Unpaidwhores_Work In Progress
Unpaidwhores_Arsehole sonnet_single from Theme for Unpaidwhores
Unpaidwhores_Theme for Unpaidwhores_Full release

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