ANTICLIMAX - At the Mountains of Noid
Whilst Glowingpixie is not actually on this album I had a wealth of dealings with this band supporting them with Graphic Design for their release and eventually ended up replacing the bassist.

Full Album from classic Swansea Crust / Doom band Anticlimax.

Hardcore Doom 3-piece from Swansea, South Wales, U.K formed from the fires of terminal desperation, manic frustration and funeral boredom around the tail end of 1998.
Through the ensuing years of fire-bombed rehearsal rooms, hundreds of tapes, broken equipment, arguments, perferated eardrums, great gigs, shit-pissed gigs, homelessness, confusion and paranoia, the band worked on what was to become "At The Mountains Of Noid" their 5 track CDR mini album and played a bunch of shows in and around the South Wales area.

After recieving a load of good reviews for A.T.M.O.N. (which traded by the band with underground distros travelled far) and doing more shows further afield, some of which with Orange Goblin, Sloth and Taint respectively, the band started work on some of the most ambitious work, 10-15 minute epics with the hardcore fury of old and new longer vision, these tracks sadly haven't been recorded past the jam room.

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