An energetic and creative individual commanding a broad mix of digital, music, workshop and arts skills, I have experience in delivering stylistically diverse private and commercial projects ranging across Audio, Design and Video.
           Since graduating in 2004 with a first class honors degree in Art and Design I have engaged myself in a variety of freelance opportunities. Whilst studying for my postgraduate diploma in Multimedia I began to cultivate a passion for Arts and Health intersections, eventually seeking out employment to further explore this.  Since 2010 I have created and developed the Media Production Skills (MPS) Service at St Andrew's.
           The MPS service aims to engage patients, with a variety of mental health needs, in bespoke project based work to foster an understanding of modern communications media as well as providing a platform for self expression and personal and vocational skill acquisition across the mediums of; Graphic Design, Photography, Programming, Game Design, Animation, Film, Motion Graphics and Audio.
           This website contains examples of various projects. Thankyou for taking the time to stop by.